About SQL DBA (www.sqldba.org)

Hi, I'm Syed, a database administrator, developer and a pet lover who operate SQL DBA (www.sqldba.org). I graduated from university starting as a freelancer with interest in computer networks but later changed. I love all things technology related. I consider myself an early adopter when it comes to new technology which helped me to gain a rich and varied IT skillset and I now specialise in several different fields.

I have formed several companies and stays busy in them, to my passion of learning new technologies. I really hate writing this about me but I can't leave the page alone or have a site without about me section. I don't do software or book reviews or in house projects anymore. However there are always exception. If you have written a book or developed a software then do bring it to my attention using the contact page.

This purpose of this site is to give back to community and share what I have learned with help of others. All information on this site is available as giving back to community and sharing knowledge. Feel free to share and spread knowledge.

If you notice something is not working on it then it's probably because i am working on it:

  • T-SQL
  • SQL
  • .NET
  • Visual Basic
  • C#
  • C++
  • Java
  • Java Script
  • VB Script
  • Powershell
I started working with SQL Server version 6.5 in early 1990's, when database administration was not a fulltime profession. I equally enjoy writing code and contribute code to application development because I love doing what i do.