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SQL Server problems?

Application database running slow?

SQL Server and Azure solutions delivered by NZ's leading Microsoft Data Platform consultants. We’ve got your back. Every step of your SQL journey.

The Microsoft SQL Server Data Platform is what delivers your data to your business. Your SQL data platform can be in the cloud, on-premises, in Azure and there are even more options available for other public cloud and hybrid solutions. Storing your most precious business asset, your data. Knowing what technologies and features are available to meet your business requirements is not an easy task, which is why you need a SQL expert.  Why you need SQLDBA.ORG

Your data is the life blood of your business. Your data is mission critical. And your databases need to be highly performant, resilient, reliable and available to keep you operating.

Our SQL server experts offer a wide range of Microsoft SQL Data Platform services to help you overcome the SQL challenges facing your business.

Our expert SQL DBAs take on the management of your data platform so your business can get on with doing business.

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SQL Server and Azure Review Services

Licensing Reviews

Why pay more

Stop wasting money on unused licenses. We all know that getting on top of SQL Server licensing can be complex and makes budgeting and forecasting difficult. We help you reduce licensing compliance risks and right-size your environment to put money back into your budget.
Our SQL licensing specialists understand the various SQL licensing models and implementation architectures and will evaluate the best options for your business.

SQL Server Risk Audit

Reduce risk

Your data is your entire business. Our SQL Server Health check will help you understand how your SQL servers could impact your business. We expose the different risk types and highlight the knock-on effect this can have you to your business. You will have a clear idea of which items need attention to match your current risk posture.

Our SQL Data Platform specialists will

pinpoint potential risks, the cause of database issues and work with you to identify opportunities that make sense to your business. We’ll highlight areas of concern and provide actionable recommendations to improve the risk posture of your Microsoft SQL Server environment.

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Where is your business on it’s Microsoft SQL Server journey?

Our clients come from various industries and are at different stages of their SQL data platform maturity.

We start all our engagements with the most comprehensive SQL audit available anywhere.

We use the information from this audit to help you unlock value in your SQL estate.

Whether you are looking to simply ensure BAU operations or wanting to unlock Azure hybrid benefits we can help you on your journey.


How many of our clients say they have gained a greater level of insight into their SQL estate from our SQL Audits.

Leave the audits and health checks to us. Our DBAs will review your SQL Server environment to against industry best practice to ensure you are getting the most out of your SQL data platform.


Of our initial client engagements started as part of a migration project.

We help our clients migrate to SQL Server or migrate SQL server to more modern architecture, which may be to make it more highly available or to unlock more modern features. Our Senior SQL DBAs will highlight modernisation opportunities with our SQL Migration Assessment, so you get the most suitable solution for your business.


The average annual opex reduction our clients realise when using our Managed SQL Services.

Reduce cost by getting the most out of your SQL servers. Identify performance issues and outline a remediation roadmap for an optimised SQL Server, whether you are running on-prem or in the cloud.

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SQL Server Migration Services

SQL Server Migrations and consolidations

If you are looking to migrate to a newer version, consolidate your SQL workloads, or simply to Microsoft SQL Server from other database platforms, such as Microsoft Access, Oracle, DB2, MySQL or Sybase, our consultant SQL DBAs can help you. We assist with evaluating your decision, defining a roadmap and implementing the best solution for your business. We also provide you with access to our specialist monitoring to outline your best-fit solution and SQL Server migration tools that will help simplify and speed up the database migration process.

Azure SQL Managed Instance

Azure SQL Managed Instance is a deployment option that streamlines the migration of SQL Server workloads to a fully managed SQL service to support your database workloads in the the cloud. Azure Managed Instance provides the flexibility of an IaaS and the capability of PaaS without the need for change your application. Azure SQL Managed Instances also give you access to Enterprise features a far more attractive price point than running your own Virtual Machines in the cloud, or managing your own infrastructure.

Standing Meeting
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Optimise SQL Server and Azure Services

Get on top of your SQL Server and Azure performance with our optimisation services for your existing infrastructure.

Performance Optimisation

We understand that random failures and slow performance can be frustrating when it impacts your line-of-business applications. For most companies those business application databases are run on SQL servers.

Whether the problem is due to resource constraints, poor design, legacy development challenges, or simply bad configuration, our SQL consultants can provide you and your team with in depth analysis. We will show you what is causing the problem, and the best way to remediate it.

Azure Database Optimisation Service

Cloud has quickly become an easy way to burn through your IT budget. With so many configurations to choose from it is easy to get lost and over-provision your SQL platform in Azure.
It is not surprising that many organisations notice that moving to the cloud can become expensive, and want to reduce costs.
Our Azure Database Optimisation Service is specially designed to deal with this by analysing your workloads and right-sizing your Azure SQL implementations.

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The nuts and bolts of SQL Server and the bread and butter of our SQL DBAs

Architecture and Design

The Microsoft SQL Server Data Platform is able to provide and meet all of your SQL Server requirements. Knowing what technologies and features to use to maximise your infrastructure spend is not an easy task. We help you to understand, design and implement a new SQL Server environment or include new functionality into your existing SQL Server environment.
Your mission critical databases are the life blood of your business and are more often than not supporting many applications and web services. Ensuring your mission critical databases are performing and available is your top priority.
Whether it be On-Premises, in the Cloud or a Hybrid design, our experienced SQL consultants have the ability to take you through your next journey.

SQL and Azure

Are you a Small or Mid Size Business with ageing hardware?

Not getting the performance you need to keep pace with the market?

Not sure you can afford to buy new hardware or not sure about some options available to you to get you back on track?

Our SQL consultants understand these challenges and can assist in guiding you through this uncertainty.

Microsoft’s Azure platform makes many options available to you to extend your existing investments in hardware and data centre’s or go with a new environment in Azure.

Some of the benefits with considering Azure as a greenfield approach or extending your existing infrastructure utilising Azure are:

  • Great price

  • Flexibility

  • Scalability

  • Ease of support

SQL Server health check audit

We analyse 250+ SQL Server settings and configurations on the SQL Server and compare every outcome to industry best practice. We collect workload and performance data so we can highlight bottlenecks that might be impacting your SQL server workloads. 

We provide the most comprehensive SQL report outlining any potential configuration issues along with a set of remediation instructions that can be carried out in-house or by our specialist SQL server DBAs.

We run our diagnostic toolkit against your SQL servers and deliver our findings within a day.

Withing 24 hours you will have a report that outlines the health of your SQL servers along with an action plan to fix any issues and mitigate any risks

SQL Licensing Review

SQL Server licensing can be a complex topic. With various license requirements across cloud, physical and virtual environments.

Our consultants are able to assist you in reviewing your current SQL Server estate and outline various licensing options available to you.

Licensing plays an integral part of any consolidation or High Availability solution. If you are not sure what type of licensing you need then we can discuss and assist in guiding you in the right direction.

SQL Migration and Upgrades

SQLDBA.ORG assists clients with SQL Server Migrations and upgrades. Upgrading from an older version of SQL server allows you to stay current and supported. Later versions of SQL allow you to take advantage of the new features that are released that can assist with the performance, functionality and reliability of your SQL Server environments.

Our experienced SQL consultants can help you achieve the outcome you are looking for from a migration or an upgrade.

SQL Performance Tuning

Our SQL DBAs understands that in a perfect world everything just works. Your application runs without any issues and end users are satisfied with the performance of the application.

In reality however, somewhere along the line something does not work as expected and  performance of your mission critical application slows to a crawl. 

Our DBAs can identify the issue and formulate a resolution that will get your applications up and running.

At SQLDBA.ORG we are able to help you identify those troublesome performance issues and provide solutions to improving the performance of your SQL Server environments.

SQL Managed Services

SQLDBA.ORG offers our customers a range of Microsoft SQL Server specific Managed Services Options.

Our SQL Managed Services will ensure that your SQL environment runs optimally, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

With access to business data becoming more and more critical for business decision making as well as day to day operations, ensuring your most critical asset is always available, recoverable and optimized has never been more important.

SQLDBA.ORG offers a wide range of support options to fit your business needs.

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