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SQLDBA.ORG has partnered with SQL Governor to deliver the best in class planning, forecasting and optimizing tool for Microsoft data platforms.
Our scale means we can deliver this toolset to our partner DBAs at the most competitive rates with easy monthly payments.
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Whether you are planning a cloud migration, data center renewal or a hybrid environment featuring both on-premise and cloud technologies, it is crucial to plan your data platform renewal in an automated and fact-based way.

SQLDBA and SQL Governor is the only solution on the market to feature SQL Server capacity planning and SQL performance optimization in the same solution. With SQL Governor, you can easily modernize your data platform, ease data migration to the cloud, reduce licensing and hardware costs and reduce your organization’s carbon footprint.

There’s no better way to prepare for a data platform modernization project than first calculating your potential cost savings and then form an optimal plan for the future data platform with SQL Governor’s internationally patented software and Machine Learning based method.

SQL Governor also supports continuous SQL Server advisory, assessment, and proactive life cycle management. On average, SQL Governor software brings 44 % cost savings for clients with Microsoft SQL Servers data platforms.

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Optimized Performance

Solve problems in your data platform faster. Proactively prevent performance problems from happening.
The problems in a data platform’s performance can be crucial to business. You can lose revenue due to discontinuity of service. You can lose customers due to services being slow or unavailable. You can lose operative data. Your employees can be increasingly unsatisfied or unproductive. So how to secure your platform’s optimal performance?

As an estimate, 70% of performance problems are related to bad code, and 30% are related to poor or suboptimal capacity planning and infrastructure problems. SQL Governor helps finding out the issues in both areas.

SQL Governor can help you find out where the problems are and start solving them faster. In acute situations, it can be used for finding the root causes of the problems and optimizing the platform’s performance. It offers extensive features for the proactive performance monitoring and optimization along with predictive alerting.

What you get:


  • Easily plan the future of your SQL estate. 

  • Calculate the optimal server topology for your target data platform. 

  • Right-size and consolidate your servers, instances and databases,

  • Gain remarkable cost savings and a more robust target architecture.  

  • Support for both server-level and instance-level capacity planning. 


  • Forecast present and future SQL Server capacity and resource utilization. 

  • Monitor that the capacity limits of the platform are not exceeded at any time during the life cycle.

  • Set service-level agreements for performance counters. 

  • Connect servers, instances and databases to services and customers to manage your whole SQL Server platform with minimal effort. 


  • Monitor your data platform 24/7 from a rooftop view. 

  • Follow over 60 different key performance counters, alerts, and corresponding predictive alerts on server, instance, and database level.  

  • Proactively prevent performance problems with Machine Learning -based alerting.

  • Drill down to wait statistics and plan cache to identify performance issues.

  • Review blocking and locking queries over time.


  • Predict potential performance issues even weeks before they occur.

  • Prevent platform disasters and minimize downtime with predictive alerts. 

  • Set your own alerting and warning levels. 

  • Get alerts to your email or dashboard notifications. 

  • Manually or automatically configure alert levels and actions for each performance counter. 


  • Get detailed profiling data by configuring, running and diagnosing lightweight traces from TSQL queries running on client SQL Servers.  

  • Identify which queries are using the most resources. 

  • Launch lightweight TSQL query traces on desired databases.  

  • Identify poorly performing TSQL queries. 


  • Identify the pain points in SQL Server instance level configurations. 

  • Automate your diagnostics process regarding client SQL Server wait statistics, indexes, instances, databases, and more.  

  • Identify unused indexes and missing and fragmented indexes to focus on the essential.  

  • Run instance and database level health checks on your production environment. 


  • Automatically updated, real-time overview of the health of the entire system at once. 

  • Covers most important alerts, predicted alerts, physical volume tracking, T-SQL query plan cache situation and blocked queries. 


  • Versatile built-in reports 

  • More than 30 built-in SSRS reports 

  • Share data with others by exporting to reports to PDF or Excel. 

  • Historical data is always available for querying.