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Backup SharePoint 2013 on SQL 2012 with System Center 2012 SP1 Data Protection Manager for non-DPM e

Here is the problem.

I need to backup SharePoint with DPM, but it is just not happening.

There are various errors, relating to this issue, and I don’t hope to have the same ones as you did, but basically I cannot protect my SharePoint farm, nor any SQL database on the server. Errors like:

Now for me as a non-DPM specialist, I have found this to be a horrible headache leaving my Farm in an non-backed up state. Luckily I have some cleaver SQL scripts to do the backup, but consolidating backups is super important for us.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Protecting SharePoint Servers, this is what Technet teaches us about protecting SharePoint 2013.

I am interested in protecting a SQL backed server and Web Front end servers. I will assume that you know about setting up protection groups in DPM and installing agents and all those fun things that we all end up doing.


Install agents on all your SharePoint servers, front-end and back-end, after you have installed and restarted, check these extra steps on the servers

SQL Backend:

Make sure the SQL Server VSS writer service is running.

Front End:

Once the agents are installed on the front ends, you need some more configuration to make it happen.

You need to run the ConfigureSharePoint.exe command, which you will find in the <DPM Installation Path>\bin folder.

Run Admin Command prompt, navigate to the location and run

ConfigureSharePoint -EnableSharePointProtection

In the same command prompt you can run the following:

ConfigureSharePoint -ResolveAllSQLAliases


This is where I failed as nobody tells you this. Your DPM agent runs as Local System, you cannot change this, so make peace with that.

But to backup your SQL backed you will need to have sysadmin privileges on that account for your SQL server

Jump onto your SQL backed server and set NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM to sysadmin


Now jump onto the DPM Server, if you don’t know anything about DPM, rather don’t be here, if you know a little I assume you know where to install agents and all that.

Assuming you find yourself here you already know how to do this, so don’t mind me.

I get his warning, which I don’t believe as I can navigate the server, but it doesn’t really seem to affect anything for now, so I ignore it.

On expanding my server I get the following, not the SharePoint Icon, on expanding it you will get a Config database name, simply select it to backup your farm.

Follow the wizard and you should soon see

For me it was Step2 which I needed to get this working, hope you get it right as well.


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