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Change web address for list Sharepoint 2010

After suffering for a good 3 hours trying to move the Web Address of a list I created I have finally found a solution. As far as I have found you cannot do this using SPD or using the web interface for some lists and libraries.. and I even went as far as looking through the SQL tables in search of a solution.. And what I found was that you can easily change the web address by doing this.. Open the List Settings of the list in question, note that my Web Address needs to be changed to ../Project TasksDeprecated/.. as I do not want to use this list and have created a new list to replace this one.. well I needed to reset the IDs of the items in the list and we redesigned the workflow and form, so I didn’t want any legacy information in the list.. so save as template and create a new list.. Back to the issue at hand.


I opened the list using Explorer.. Mwwhuhahahaa! So I navigated to \\<SharePointServer>\it\cr\lists in my Explorer and renamed the folder name, rather simple and I am almost certain it is supported as I did not touch the back-end.. funny how touching back-ends tend to get you in all sort of tight spots……..



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