Compatibility range mismatch between the Web server and database WSS_Content

There is a compatibility range mismatch between the Web server and database “WSS_Content”, and connections to the data have been blocked to due to this incompatibility. But there isn’t.. I am almost sure of that.

I am trying to restore content to a new farm from the old content DB.. I installed all the same everything on the new farm.. but no luck in restoring the content.. So I can painfully try and look for the culprit or use Xavor to migrate the content. I used Xavor to migrate some old stuff from 2007 to 2010 and now from 2010 to 2010. Luckily our content DB is only 5GB so I can use the free version to migrate my content.

And voila, 1 hour later all the old content is on the new site.

Big cheer to Xavor and thanks for the awesome product.


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