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Embed image in HTML

Interesting scenario we have today at office, we need a nice automated signature that gets generated by our email management and archiving system whenever a new mail gets generated.

Well of course you can use Outlook or your favourite email client to create a signature, but at our office every second person has his/her own idea of how our signature should look.. and please let me not mention Incredimail… So generating the nice HTML is easy, but when adding an image it gets stripped out by Outlook and we only get a placeholder with a “Download this image” option when you mouse over.. hmmm, how to work around this..

Why not just embed the image directly in the HTML? So we did, and it works like a charm. What is comes down to is adding the actual image data in the HTML

<IMG ALT="MyImage" SRC="….

The image is then rendered from the HTML itself.. which is far quicker and it is email friendly for us. So if are looking for something similar, just go here for more information.


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