Google Spreadsheet Reverse Match

I’m not going to lie to you, but this is easier in Excel. Simply do a Reverse Match by doing =Match(1/range) or even a Lookup (really easy) or something similar.

However, Google Spreadsheets do no work nicely with a reverse match and it does not have any equivalent function to LOOKUP.

Firstly be aware that this formula returns an integer, which is a row number that relates to the row the formula is being calculated in. In a way it returns the exact same result as match, but going up. Simple.

So how do you do this?

By swapping text.

Let’s take a set of data: This is a simple row being delimited by “,”.This could be a column or row, however you need to do this.


(The only REVERSE type function I could find is for text, and you can go search for it under Insert > Function)

So let us join the text:



What we need to do now is look for something and because this is a text string we need to use find.



So it finds itself at character position 5.

Now to reverse.