How to display PowerPoint Slide Show browser from SharePoint

Well I was looking for a web part this morning.. kind of hoping there was a nice easy way of wrapping my pptx files as a presentation instead of having them open up for editing.

Some background. I am setting up a training Wiki for company, in there are some PowerPoint files which I want to link from the Wiki.

Easy.. Actually yes.

Firstly I wanted to insert a Web part hoping I missed the “Office Web Apps Web Parts that make your life Uber easy”.. but I didn’t miss them ‘cause they aren’t there.

So I decided to first make a hyperlink to the URL in SharePoint.. how easy.. then I get prompted with the “Save” dialog.. not quite what I wanted.

I decided that the hyperlink route was the way for me to go.

So I go my library with the files and open one.. then I select the “Start Slide Show” option. Great it opens it up.. now how to wrap that.. easy.

Although, you have to be nice and quick else the Slide Show control takes over. Click to start the slide show and as soon as the page pops up, right click and “View Source”

You will be looking for something like

<body onload="onPageLoaded();" scroll="no" >
<form name="ctl01" method="post" action="PowerPointFrame.aspx?PowerPointView=SlideShowView&amp;d=F1b90c116995844ea9608fab55de8e4316bf4f48bf94f954608fab55de8e4316bf4c47d8m608fab55de8e4316bf4f6a1f5c0ea92fm" id="ctl01">

Now look at the top of the window and take your URL until just before “PowerPointView=SlideShowView&d”.. for me that ishttp://<Server>/<Site>/<Subsite>/_layouts/PowerPointFrame.aspx?