How to setup an iTunes account from outside the US

If you are limited by your local country’s iTunes store and you feel you would like a bit more, why not simply create a US iTunes account.

Here is a simple informative guide on how to get access to the US iTunes store. Please bear in mind that if you do not live in the US, or can make payments from the US, the only way to purchase anything from the store is by using a Gift Card.

Please understand that there may be some legal implications if you are providing false information and accessing content in another country from where it is supposed to be distributed. It won’t really affect the vendor, but may impede some of your own rights. So you have to weight up the risk and reward. But by merely being here and following this guide I think you have already made the decision to get fantastic content.

Step 1: Open iTunes and go to the US iTunes store.


Step 2: Download a FREE app from the US iTunes store.

Click on the App store link, find the free apps in the right sidebar and click on Free.


Step 3: Create a new iTunes account.


Step 4: Accept the terms & conditions and fill in all the details.

The most important step here is to select None as the payment method when asked to provide billing details. When filling in your billing address, you will need a valid US address.

The easiest way is to generate a fake one


Step 5: Wait for confirmation email and click the link to finish the setup of your US iTunes account!

Step 6: Buy apps, music and movies by purchasing iTunes gift cards.

Use the following websites to buy US iTunes gift cards to load into your new account.

· Buy from Wildtwig ***** (South African based, PayPal approved, instant code delivery)

· Evopoints **** (SA, Pay with EFT or Credit Card)

· Maximus Cards *** (International, in dollars)

· iEverything *** (Pay in SA Rands)

To redeeem a gift card code, click on Redeem from the Quick Links block on the right sidebar in the iTunes store.


Many thanks to Jason Bagley who compiled most of this guide.

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