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I do not want to import Disable User Accounts from AD

Great, now you have your User Profile Sync working.. and your boss asks you why there are disabled user accounts in the User Profile list. You tell your boss that this is part of your filter testing and you are just making sure that your filters are working by switching them on and off and at the moment they are off.. So now you Google and find the filter that says “bit on equals 2” and your future job prospects start looking a lot better than 15 minutes ago.. you start to sync the hell out of the connection and nothing happened, still all the same user profiles.. Well let’s run over the whole process again and see if we can get this sucker fixed. Step1: Go here How to use the UserAccountControl flags to manipulate user account properties Just for some background info, so you can tell your boss a big story about 512 and 2 and their hex codes and how awesome your filter is to accommodate for all these different types of account operators. Step2: Go to the “Synchronization Connections” page of the User Profile Service Application.

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