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Installing SharePoint 2013 Preview/RTM

So you want the cool stuff. For me that will be the new BI capabilities in SharePoint 2013 with PowerView.

But first I need to get my SharePoint environment going, this for me is a normal development box to showcase the little bits of magic that SharePoint 2013 can bring to enhance our business.

So here we go.

1. Download your media

2. Install SharePoint 2013. I am showing SharePoint 2013 Preview images, I am not going to recreate them, so just use your imagination. The steps are exactly the same

3. Before we can install SharePoint Server 2013, we need to run the SharePoint 2013 Product Preparation Tool. This wizard will install the necessary software prerequisites and automatically configure the IIS server role in our server.

You will be prompted for a restart or two for the prerequisites installation. just go with it.

4. Now that the the installation successfully finished, we will run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard.

You will now be in the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard, simply click the Next button.

5. We will not create a new farm.

6. The wizard will not prompt you for the Configuration Database Settings.

7. Now you can go grab that well deserved cup of coffee while the installer does it’s thing.

8. Well done, you have now installed SharePoint 2013

9. Now to use SharePoint Server 2013 Central Administration.

10. Now to the new Central Administration interface. In order to create a new web application, click on Application Management > Manage Web Applications.

11. Select New

12. Enjoy the new progress bar

13. Now define your configuration for your New Web Application

I really enjoy the new flavour text while you wait. It is really simple and I must admit, rather pleasant. Microsoft has made a lot of effort to make this feel smooth and I for one appreciate it tremendously.

14. Read the Creation message and continue to  Application Management > Create Site Collections, well I am assuming this is why we are here.

I am opting for a Publishing Portal as I would rather have the team sites on as separate collection. The same holds true for PowerView, which I would rather dedicate a collection to.

15. Nicely done.


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