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Sometimes all SAPERION needs is an open port.

When trying to connect multiple SAPERION servers in a farm most of the backed stuff gets handled by SAPERION, which is quite nice. But there are some items that you never get prompted for, enter the core.log.

In this case I wanted to point the Global Pool for a DDC to a remote server and I could not see any of the remote server’s Server Pools. A quick trip to the core.log showed me there was a socket timeout error.

3604 2015-03-18 07:06:45:78 ERROR      PRPC       PRPCSockets.thrConnect(Socket=29184)/connect( ETIMEDOUT 3604 2015-03-18 07:06:45:78 ERROR                       SetEvent(6D04h): DOS error ‘invalid handle’, suggested action: PromptUser

After restarting the services the problem persisted, which lead me to looking at the firewall settings on the server.

Although I have given the SAPERION executables full access through the firewall we were blocking port 12347, hence the lookups were failing. After allowing incoming connections on the remote machine to allow port 12347, the Global Pool lookup worked perfectly.

#Firewall #PRPCSockets #Saperion

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