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Styling SharePoint 2010 – Footer

Just a note, if you ever have to fiddle around with the master page in an attempt to make SharePoint look really pretty… and you notice that when you try the “New Page” option from Site Actions and you see something there that shouldn’t really be there.. as in my case the pretty new footer I made for our site, just look at the classes for that item and make sure that class=”s4-notdlg” is in there somewhere. Also when you are creating a footer for your IamAwesome.master you might find that the easiest way is to add a div right before the DeveloperDashboard line in IamAwesome.master:

<div class="s4-notdlg" style="clear: both; text-align: right; padding: 15px; background-color: #FCFCFC; border: 1px solid #DBDDDE;">
 &copy; Copyright 2011 IAmAwesome, Inc.
<SharePoint:DeveloperDashboard runat="server"/>

This would add a footer below the left nav and body that matches the colors in the default left nav.

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