Super CSS Wildcards [id*=Awesomeness!]

So right to the dirty little piece of code.Well it is not really super, but it made my life a lot simpler.


<div id="codeSnippetWrapper">

.ms-dialog, MSO_ContentTable[id*='DlgFrame']{margin-left:-5%;background-color:white;}

How I used it:

I created a custom SP theme for us, in the theme I move the content 5% from both sides, nice and floaty, but so is all the forms, which means I break all my InfoPath forms..

So I use this code to wildcard only the DlgFrame* child items, which are all those that pop up.

So if it is a pop-up and its part part of the specified ids, then move the margin.

You could also change it to wildcard classes by making it [class*=] you get the drift.

May the stylesheet be with you.