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Synchronise profile picture from SharePoint to Active Directory and Exchange

Turn this                          into this

Seeing as any post regarding Forefront Identity Manager seems to very popular I will share a bit of profile picture magic.. well not really magic, but I need to add a bit of special to today.

It is always nice to see a face next to an email if you have a large organisation, it helps cement down good office relations and gives you the opportunity to all laugh at Betty in receiving.

But on a more serious note, her hairstyle really does belong in the 80s. And Microsoft, in all their wisdom, has made it so easy to set up.

Let us assume the following:

  1. You have SharePoint and Exchange

  2. This will imply Active Directory and a AD attribute called thumnailPhoto

  3. A Working version of FIM, Forefront Identity Manager, I say working because for a lot of us the process of getting this little baby up and running is a nightmare. For more details on this please refer to another Microsoft Link

And here is the juicy bit:

  1. “User Profile Synchronization Service” is in “Started” state on appropriate SharePoint server

  2. “Replicate Directory Changes” permission on a domain is present for synchronization account Microsoft Link

  3. Browse to Central Admin > Manage User Properties > Edit the Picture Property

  4. Under Add New Mapping, Choose the Source Data Connection as your AD import connection, attribute as “thumbnailPhoto” and Direction as “Export” and then click Add. Note that “Import” does not work, I still need to find out why…

  5. Now users can upload pictures on their My Sites, assuming that they have not done so already.

  6. Wait a bit, well do a sync first, but the changes take a while to be picked up by Exchange and Lync, in our case about 4 hours after the Sync.

Hope it helps to spread little bits of awesomeness every single day.


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