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v15.master page missing in SharePoint 2013

v15.master files in SharePoint 2013.. sounds great, except there are none, at least that I can see on my version.

Well let’s start with the assumptions, I have SharePoint 2013 RTM and I have PowerView which I use for fantastic eye candy reporting. However I’m trying to hit the “Manage Data Refresh” button.

Well that’s easy enough. See all I want to do is set my data refresh for my PowerPivot Excel file. But I find the following error

Wow, imagine that, by showing me this message I don’t have to go searching for anything online because I now know that… dum dum daaaaaa! “Something went wrong”.

So off I go with my picnic basket trotting to granny’s ULS logs and I find:

System.Web.HttpException: The file ‘/_layouts/15/v15.master’ does not exist.

In a perfect world this would make sense, as the only 4 master pages available in RTM is:

Now this would pose a slight problem as there is no v15.master. (Note: Copying one of them and renaming them does not make any difference.)

The change to fix this is unsupported, but hell this is my production server and I cannot access something and I can see a poo storm coming for me if I don’t get this working. So after 2 seconds of consideration I decide to hit the hive C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS

I am really loving the Seattle theme, so I am copying the seattle.master and renaming the copy v15.master, I wish it was more exciting, but this fixed the issue for me.


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