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There are only really 3 types of outcomes that you can expect from working with us.

We know this from years of experience working with SQL servers from SQL 2000 all the way up to SQL Managed Instances. 

Make your applications go

Save your business money on operational expenses

Reduce your operational data risks

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SQLDBA.ORG is trusted by over 80 clients, ranging from 1 to 10,000+ seats. Whether you are a local law firm, transporting a city, or powering a nation, our expert DBAs can assist you with all your SQL requirements.


We provide to our SQL clients:

  • Statement of Works

  • SQL Design Documentation

  • Implementation support.


We offer SQL Support to help improve your business

  • Fix slow applications

  • Reduce operational risks

  • SQL operational cost reductions


Our DBAs are always busy building out new SQL farms, or working to fold down a farm that has sprawled out of control.
We can help you right-size and design a solution that fits your business' requirements and your project budget.


SQLDBA offers a wide range of SQL Managed Services and managed solutions that cover everything from day-to-day operational support, expert performance tuning and even augmenting and weaponising your own SQL DBA team.
Our Managed offerings scale from a single SQL server to SQL estates covering hundreds of SQL servers.

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Our process

Having built and supported enterprise SQL platforms since 2010 has allowed us to fine tune our approach and our process. Our 5 step process allows us to effectively implement complex solutions in even the most demanding data environments

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Step 1. Discover

We take the time to understand your goals and current and future challenges. Then using a mix of our own and industry-leading tools we carry out and an in-depth diagnostic of you current SQL environment to give us focused, accurate and actionable data. 
Our checks go far beyond any traditional scripts to give us extraordinary visibility over your SQL estate. SQLDBA's bespoke diagnostics are created by our own SQL experts along with external consultant SQL MVPs and our global partner network.
Our diagnostic framework is designed to identify all potential issues – even those you didn’t know existed.
Once this phase is completed, we present a detailed report with clear recommendations for improvements and amazing insights into your current SQL environment.

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Step 2. Design

After discovery we can answer any questions that lead into the design step.
Building on our Discovery step, we help define the requirements we need to fulfil during the design process. Those requirements will guide our solution specialists to design a solution that is pragmatic, fit for purpose, cost effective, future proof and conforms to all industry best-practices. During the design process we are able to articulate the return on investment and the expected lifecycle of the solution.
We work as your trusted partner, giving you advice on how to get the most out of your SQL platforms that support the applications that rely on.
SQLDBA will work with your internal teams through our design consultation process to ensure that everyone understands the risks involved and plan in which the design will be implemented.


Step 3. Deliver

After agreeing on the Design we work closely with your team to implement the solution.
Most of our projects directly impact business-critical systems, so we treat every aspect of the delivery with a meticulous care.
Delivery is carried our remotely, or on-site, depending on your unique security and availability requirements. Our implementations are usually fixed priced so you are always guaranteed that we will deliver within budget. We continually engage during the delivery phase to ensure we deliver the solution in the agreed timeframe and with minimum system downtime.

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Step 4. Optimise

Delivery of a solution is usually the start of a whole new application lifecycle. With new applications, and new SQL platforms come a wide range of new potential performance pitfalls. At SQLDBA we are fully aware of how post-implementation performance can differ wildly from the previous state.
The optimisation piece leverages both our own diagnostic toolkits along with industry leading performance monitoring tools. We continue to monitor and proactively tune the solution to ensure your user experience expectations are met or exceeded. We help you get the most out of your new platform while maximising the impact of innovation.

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Step 5. Manage

Managing the solutions we implement ensures your business the best possible support, and the best long-term outcome. SQLDBA’s management takes the form of a proactive Enterprise grade SQL Managed Service that has been developed by us and our solution partners since 2013.
Rather than respond to incidents and issues, like conventional MSPs, we believe in providing a pro-active and holistic SQL Managed solution that allows us to prevent issues from occurring in the first place.
SQLDBA’s unique management and monitoring framework allows our DBAs to prevent issues form become outages. Our tools predict your business performance and alert us to any impacts to productivity and availability.
This means you spend less time managing your SQL estate, and more time focussing on your business, whether you have 1, or 100, SQL servers.
As a Microsoft Partner we provide comprehensive SQL service. Our team of SQL DBAs and SQL solution architects not only supports your daily platform operations, but through our monthly meeting advise on improvements and enhancements that will benefit your business.

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SQL Server Managed Solutions

We make SQL servers reliable and faster, saving you money and reducing risks. SQL servers are complicated. They support the data that you need to run your business. Having a poorly performing SQL environment can cause your users headaches, cost your business money in downtime and lost revenue. Badly behaving SQL servers can cripple your business.

SQLDBA.ORG is the solution to all your SQL server problems.

Our cost effective management and consulting allows you to get the best out of your investment in Microsoft SQL server. We take care of the risks and performance problems so you can get back to running your business.

Clients like you have seen the benefits of having us identify and overcome challenges with their SQL servers.

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Learn more about our SQL Data Platform Services

For more information on what we actually do at SQLDBA.

Let's simplify SQL for you

SQL Optimization

We help SQL Consultants with:

  • Statement of Work

  • SQL Design Documentation

  • Implementation support.

SQL Support

We help businesses with  SQL Support

  • Fix slow applications

  • Reduce operational risks

  • SQL operational cost reductions

SQL Consulting

We help Managed Services providers develop and deliver world leading SQL support offerings through our monitoring and alerting solutions.

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