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Our aim is simple. Have the worlds best SQL services.

1. Create a platform to support SQL User Groups with DBA related resources supported by volunteers

2. Offer a support framework within which SQLDBA, and our Partner DBAs, can assist charities and "not for profit" organizations

3. Create and implement a framework where DBAs can be vetted in a transparent and accurate manner.

4. Enable DBAs to offer their services as volunteers, freelances or contract workers as part of our partner program.

All SQL related Professional Services and Managed Services we offer are deliver through our partner DBAs and support providers. 

We follow an internal vetting process to ensure that we only partner with the highest quality data professionals and organizations.

 The same process goes for our vendor partners:





Lexel Systems

We proudly support the Auckland SQL User Group


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Adrian Sullivan


Principal SQL Server Data Platform Consultant and passionate community leader of the Auckland SQL User Group

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