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SQLDBA.ORG was founded in 2018 by Adrian Sullivan with the intent to provide SQL DBAs access to resources to be better DBAs.

Leveraging year over a decade's worth of Enterprise DBA experience Adrian constructed a series or best-practice guidelines and working documents to empower DBAs.

Or more specifically, we weaponise SQL DBAs.

Our associate DBAs quickly required a more structured environment to work in and the current state of SQLDBA.ORG was born.

Through our associate DBAs and strategic partners, SQLDBA has access to a wide array of industry expert SQL specialists. Including SQL server data platform MVPs and certified SQL Masters.

Today, SQLDBA.ORG is recognised as New Zealand's leading provider of Microsoft Data Platform solutions to MSPs and with our standards on SQL specific Managed Services.

We have won industry awards for our work on Microsoft SQL servers, and received recognition in Microsoft Partner Awards for the impact we have made to our clients.

As New Zealand's premier SQL specialists. SQLDBA.ORG has established itself amongst the top solution providers in SQL Server technologies in New Zealand and Australia, with a growing footprint in Africa and the US. SQLDBA provides SQL solutions for customers throughout Asia Pacific and Africa. 

Our success comes through our client engagement process and our solution delivery framework.

SQLDBA.ORG is trusted by over 70 clients, ranging from 1 to 10,000+ seats. Whether you are a local law firm, transporting a city, or powering a nation, our expert DBAs can assist you with all your SQL requirements.

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What we do

We offer a comprehensive range of services related to the Microsoft platform, from Data platform consulting through to Managed Services.

Our Mission

SQLDBA.ORG helps small, medium and large organisations reduce business impact and risks related to their core business data. We design, implement and maintain business critical SQL platforms.

Our Vision

A reliable, secure and well performing data platform for everyone.

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