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9 tips for SAPERION Patch Level Updates this Xmas

Perceptive Software released the latest SAPERION ECM Patch Level Upgrade this December and I don’t blame you for thinking that you must be on Santa’s naughty list for getting this little gem this festive season.

But before your festive cheer gets spoiled by getting dog eggs in your Christmas stockings., here are some tips to help you get your updates right every time.

Before beginning this let us outline how your folder structure should look. You should have 2 main folder sets, 1 for your server application and another structure for your DMS-Share location.

Image 1. SAPERION file structure

There are 2 subfolders

  1. Server

  2. Share

Each subfolder has a subset of folders and I will describe locations with reference to this structure.

1. Know your architecture.

You will be running either pure x86 or a x64 hybrid, never a pure 64-bit setup as the client only runs on 32-bit.

  1. On x86, you only need to worry about the win32 folder. The contents of which will go to your Server and Share Folders

When operating a x64 machine you will need to be concerned with both the win32 and win64 folders, as the Server will be running in 64-bit and the client under 32-bit.

2. Know your current patch level

When exploring your Archive.ini file look for something akin to



But what does this mean? Let’s expand..

  1. 7.5 is the main application version number that you are using

.2 is the sub-version number, simply put, if this changes, you need a new ISO file to upgrade

  1. You won’t be able to install a 7.5.3 upgrade onto a 7.5.2 system.

  2. If you do, expect to find something like this in your log, note the highlighted version numbers.

  3. “DLLHandling.LoadDLLEx2(..\prpc64.dll,[],hDLL=00000000h,lfn=..\prpc64.dll) ret=Badversion,FileInfo=[]: LoadDLLEx2.Load(..\prpc64.dll)LoadLibrary() failed with error 0″

  4. 8.3877 is the patch level you downloaded.

Image 2. Upgrade Download page

  1. You need to have applied the previous patch level updates before applying the newest one.

Have a look at Image 2. above, you can see that if you want to install Patch level 86652 to SAPERION 7.5.3, you will first need to be on, which comes with the ISO and then run the 86652 update.

Likewise, if you are on 7.5.2, you will need to use ISO as base and then install 83877 and then upgrade to 84862.

Caveat, for SAPERION related work all this falls in the mind-numbingly easy section. If you find it complicated, just let me know and I will attempt to explain a bit better.

3. Backup you files

For the love of all that is pure and holy, please backup your SAPERION file structure before applying any upgrades. I have attached a little script to assist with your file backups.


If you don’t want to run a script, make sure every file that will get updated must be backed up somewhere, rolling back is nothing to be shy of. Backup everything in your Tomcat webapps folder as well, talking of which..

4. Remember your Apache

You run web-services don’t’ you? Remember to copy your .war files to your webapps folder after you have stopped Apache and backup up your folders.

If you have any customization, like SSO or styling changes in your webapps, make sure you re-apply those changes after you upgrade your web-services.

5. Java Core or Classic Core

If you don’t run a Java core server you really should think about swapping over. But if, for some or other reason, this is not an option, you need to remember that you need to copy the files into your DMS-Share\application folder as well.

6. The same goes for Client.ini

This is one of the setups that I wish everyone can run, you only need 2 files, archie32.exe and client.ini. When configured correctly you can simply run the archie32.exe file and it will update all the files from your DMS-Share folder.

7. Refer to best practice

There is quite a lot of information on best practice available from SAPERION. It will point to things like Java Core Server, Client.ini installations and DMS-Share installations. If you have any questions or nagging thoughts before upgrading, don’t proceed.

The ago old maxim of, “If it aint broke, don’t fix it”, applies to upgrading SAPERION ECM. And if you have sated your urge to recheck everything in your SAPERION environment and still decide to proceed with the upgrade, then go to step 8.

8. Upgrade

The upgrade step is quite simple, it will require you to do some easy-peezy things:

  1. Make sure the SAPERION services are stopped, this will include any ELM or Apache services that rely on SAPERION.

  2. Unpack the .zip file you downloaded with your latest version of ECM

Copy the content of your extracted file to the respective folders:

.\Update\scr will go to

  1. .\SAPERION\server\Application\scr

  2. The .war files go to Tomcat\webapps

.\Update \win32 will go to

  1. .\SAPERION\Share\share

.\Update \win64 goes pretty much everywhere else

  1. .\SAPERION\Server\Application\server64

  2. .\SAPERION\Share\Application

  3. You also need to copy mmcgw.dll; mmchtml.dll; mmcrlink.dll into your various application directories.

9. Fire them up

Start up SAPERION and all the related services and check your log files. If all went well you should not have any errors lurking around. If there are errors, they usually have enough of a description to resolve them, failing that you can always simply revert back.

Some log locations:

Depending on your Environmental Variables, but should generally be something like C:\SAPERION_LOG

  1. <server>_SAPERION Core.log

  2. <server>_SAPERION.log

.\SAPERION\Server \Application\scr\scr-javacoreserver\logs

  1. Scr-javacoreserver.log

  2. Wrapper.log

.\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\logs

  1. scr-webservices.log

There are other log locations and log files, but these mentioned should carry you through.

And thus you can endeavor to have a joyful festive season, and a newer version of SAPERION.

Hope this helps and enjoy the holiday cheer.


#patch #Saperion

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