PowerShell – List all my SQL instances on a list of computers, non-Registry method

Wow, I found so many nice posts on how to do this using  registry queries, but seeing as I have a list of over 100 servers on geographic disparate areas, the scripts were running for ages. So I though why not just use Get-WmiObject. So here is the juicy bits

$inputfile = "$scriptlocation$serverlistfile";
$servers = get-content $inputfile;

#Create container
$SQLservers = @() ;

foreach($server in $servers)
 if($server.length -gt 4)
 $Computer = $server -replace '(.*?)\..+','$1';
 Write-host ("Checking {0}" -f $Computer);
 $sqlservices = (Get-Service -computer $server| Where-Object {$_.Name -like 'MSSQL$*'});
 if($sqlservices.count -gt 0)
 $sqlservices = Get-WmiObject -class Win32_Service -computerName $server -filter "name Like '%mssql$%' or name Like 'MSSQLSERVER'" | Select *
 foreach($sqlservice in $sqlservices)</